Lunch Specials

Workers Lunch 2
Seniors Lunch 1 (1)

Weeknight Specials

Monday Steaknight (1)
Tuesday Burgers
Wednesday Parma (1)
Thursday Locals 1
Sunday Kids Eat Free (1)


trivia tuesday A4
sections ad Story (1)
AFL Summer Specials (1)
mulled CIDER (Document (A4)) (1)
Music posters May, June A1
Hudsons House (1)
Come and experience The Spotty, with a line-up of weekly events and promotions to keep our locals coming back for more.

LIVE Sport and LIVE music, we don’t do things by halves!
With the new Super Screen out in the Beer garden, there is no better space in the West to catch your favourite game live, in HD and with commentary!

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